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Vitromed Denuding Pipettes

Vitromed Denuding Pipettes
Vitromed Denuding Pipettes

Precise microtool for denuding and pipetting of Oocytes and Embryos.

V-DENUPET is one of the most precise microtools for the manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryo. With German engineering precision, we guarantee our clients the best quality. V-DENUPET manufactures under ISO class 6 cleanroom standard. Since we are stringent with quality parameters, manufacturing process is controlled at 5 stages.

Product sizes

  • Denuding Pipettes for Oocyte/Embryo:
    125, 135, 140, 150, 175 and 200 µm.
  • Manipulation Pipettes for Blastocyst:
    275 µm.
  • Manipulation Pipettes for Oocytes-Cumulus Complex:
    600 µm.
  • Depends on customer requirement, we can supply other sizes.

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