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CO₂ Incubator Labo C201

CO₂ Incubator Labo C201
CO₂ Incubator Labo C201

Incubator with 200 liter chamber capacity

    • 7“ colour touch screen
    • UV decontamination (option)
    • Particle filter (P3) within airflow
    • Graphical display of recorded parameters of the past 2 h or 24 h (T, CO2, rH, O2)
    • Cable bushing (Access port)
    • Access control via numerical code (option)
    • RS485 or ethernet interface
    • Active sterile humidity:
External water reservoir
Distilled water is vaporized at 120 °C
Minimized risk of contamination
Humidity sensor (rH)
Very fast recovery
    • CO2 sensor:
Dual beam infrared sensor
Very precise measurement
Very fast recovery
Long-term stable
    • Direct heating:
Independent six-sided direct heating
Homogeneous temperature distribution in  incubation chamber
Very fast recovery
    • Optional:
UV decontamination
O2 control
Subdivided inner glass door with 6 small doors
Access control via numerical code
PC software LaboDat+
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