About Al-Rad

The company was founded over 20 years ago by Haim Shina, the owner and CEO.
Its relationships with international manufacturers and suppliers, including the latest instrumentation and equipment in the fields of fertility and cell tumors, have positioned the company as a leader in these fields in Israel.
In the field of IVF, the company has extensive expertise, collaborating with specialists, unit and laboratory managers, research and development personnel, and more.

Why work with Al-Rad?
In working with the best manufacturers and suppliers, the company vision is to serve as a technology leader in the fields in which it specializes. Further, the company is a leader in providing knowledge and innovation to its customers, by hosting conferences, bringing in experts from abroad, and providing a fast, reliable, professional and dedicated service at all times.

Company’s products

The following products are marketed by Al-Red Medical:
Medical, research and laboratory equipment - laser systems for cells, heating plates, scanning and controlling systems, incubators, hoods, anti-vibration tables to prevent vibration, test tubes, CO2 / oxygen / temperature and pH controllers, tiered freezers and more.
Consumables and accessories - IUI catheters, growth plates, GPS plates, pipettes, test tubes, laboratory cleaners, and more.
Medium - Embryo growth, freezing, thawing, oils, rinsing, mediums for semen, and more.
Andrology - sperm count slides, kit for testing DNA fragmentation in sperm, and more.

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